My Sunday Project

Sunday Project


Celebrating You

It seems like they have award shows year round……

Golden Globes, Academy Awards, Tonys, Emmys, Blockbuster Awards, CMAs, ACMAs, AMAs, professional sports awards, teens’ choice awards……

To me, it’s all about ‘celebrity’. Celebrating the rich, the famous, the…. people who sing and act.

Don’t get me wrong, I love actors. I wanted to be one. I love the art of playing a character. You learn so much about yourself, more than you could imagine.

I also wanted to be a singer when I was a teenager. Thought I’d be singing in coffee houses in my 20’s. Lol.

I love the arts. I just didn’t want the ‘celebrity’. I didn’t want to be famous. I didn’t want to be known.

So I do think talent should be celebrated.  Actors, singers, directors, cinematographers…. teachers, nurses, ballet dancers, designers, salespeople, people who program amazing websites like wordpress, pizza place order-takers who smile and talk to you like you’re the most important person to them and make your day each time you see them……. mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers…..

Where are the Teachers Awards? The Single Moms Awards? Single Dads? The person who sees you on the street and says hello for no reason Awards?

I think all people should be celebrated.

You should be celebrated.

Just for being you.

I celebrate you today!